Friday, January 8, 2010

Week 1, Day 5

Only four days in to working out and eating "healthy". Healthy I use as a relative term. I haven't been pigging out on junk food and Adam and I have made all of our meals this week - no eating out! I quite enjoy the Weight Watchers method of tracking food, but it seems that I never stick with it and I starve myself and then I splurge and drop the ball. So until I can get a good balance, I might just work to eat BETTER instead of PERFECT while I continue training regularly. I've never been a huge fan of the gym, but I feel like once I actually get off my bum and get there, it's not all that bad. I'm actually looking forward to swimming after work today - and again hoping I don't die of a heart attack while doing it (today is supposed to be 1000 meters! YIKES!).

Even after only four and a half days of improvements, I feel better. I would almost consider myself hyper today! I feel great - motivated, energy is up, looking forward to getting off work and going to the gym (and read more of the book that I'm reading that I almost didn't want to put down after lunch today!) - and I swear it's not caffeine either!

I will say that I'm so thankful for Adam helping me. He's on board with eating healthy with me (and for himself) and working out with me. He gives me the right amount of support to get me to do what I know is right. For example - with ~8 inches of snow on the ground yesterday (and it was still snowing!), we were heading out of the gym and we both knew we had no groceries or anything to make for dinner. He suggested we hit the grocery on the way home. In this weather!??! Wouldn't drive-thru be easier.....and warmer? We detoured to the grocery and had a much better dinner last night and meals for the next few days rather than a #1 with no pickle.
Soooo...........Week 1, Day 6 is tomorrow.....Saturday....a weekend.....sleep in day and be lazy.....workout??? Definitely turning over a new leaf.....

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