Wednesday, April 14, 2010


For like the 4 people that actually read my blog, you already know that triathlon training came to a hault when I found out I was knocked up. Hehehe. So instead of losing weight and running a triathlon....priorities have switched over to trying to be healthy and grow a human! :)

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Week 9, Day 36

Kirstie Alley, Oprah....Stephanie O'Neill....

On the wagon, off the wagon, on the wagon, off the wagon.....

Fatty-bo-batty has taken over for the last few days. Still been making it to the gym for the most part but stuffing my face every chance I get with the worst kind of garbage....will power weak....not exactly the life adjustment I was hoping for. So shame on me....

On a positive note - been working out still, even though I haven't been writing:

Week 8, Day 32 - 1500 yd swim and indoor soccer on 2/23/10
Week 8, Day 33 - TurboKick class on 2/23/10
Week 8, Day 34 - RPM spin class on 2/24/10
Week 8, Day 35 - Body Attack class on 2/27/10

Since my shin splints are preventing me from running - I have decided to break up the routine with some classes - they are super high energy and help me with motivation and prevent me from getting bored with only swimming, biking and running.....and I walk out of them with my rear being kicked!!

Also on a positive side - caffeine free for 9 days!! Only been drinking water - and not a drop of alcohol....

Because I am a little discouraged by my continued bad habits, I have decided to not hand myself another poo sandwich by weighing and measuring myself this week....

We are now starting over with week 1 from the schedule we have been following - with more intensity and speed this time around!! Soccer tonight for workout #36.

53 days until triathlon!!!!! Yikes!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Week 8, Day 31 I've made the plan to start improving my eating and make working out part of my weekly routine. It's going on two months since we started these changes and I'm still learning and figuring out what works and how to balance. I've discovered another change that is needed to ensure I'm successful...........cut out binge drinking. Not only does the extra 2000 calories from my friend, beer, hurt me, but the next day (and that night), I make horrible food choices and eat enough for a small army to help my hungover body recover. I can be crazy enough for sure and have tons of fun without getting drunk so I can try to sacrifice that next - baby steps.

Biked today - little less than 10 miles. Then headed to the track and was able to run 2 laps (little more than .25 miles) before shin splints about made me cry and unable to walk - no fun. Got home and since Adam and I would probably just keep driving on our snow covered driveway until the snow melted, I figured I would go ahead and shovel - and heck, burn some extra forearms are so tight, I can barely write or type....oh well.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Week 7, Day 30

Body Attack today - love love love that workout! I think I'm still set on making that my Saturday morning workout! I have felt great this morning and afternoon after doing it!

Patrick & Ariana's wedding reception tonight!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Week 7, Day 29

Another early post today because I don't want to wait until later because I'm too excited! We swam yesterday - only about 1000 yards, but I was consistent and strong for about all of it! It felt great and I can definitely see an improvement in my swimming. After a week off from a routine workout schedule, I was quite proud of myself! I've been trying to get more comfortable on breathing on both sides, and it's kind of like dribbling a basketball for me - I can do both, but one side is more comfortable. Still working on that dang flip at the end of the lap - getting closer, but the amount of water that goes up my nose could quench the thirst of a small still trying......

ALSO!!! Even though it hasn't been 4 weeks since my last weigh-in, I was curious to see how I had done, especially over vacation with the yummy Dominican food! So HAPPY!!! New weight - 173.2 lbs! That's down 2.4 lbs from my last weigh-in 2 and a half weeks ago and a total loss of 8 lbs! I didn't do all my measurements, but got a little curious and measured my waist too. New waist measurement - 31.5"! That's down another 1.5" from my last weigh-in with a total loss of 3.5" in my waist alone! My next weigh-in and measurement will be March 1st and I can't wait for the results of that.

Little less than 2 weeks ago, I was definitely having some motivation problems and eating and going to the gym were about the last things on my mind (haha, let me correct that....eating is always on my mind - I mean eating healthy wasn't on my mind) A loss of 8 lbs and getting closer to be in the 160s has definitely given my motivation a boost! Being down a dress size sure didn't hurt either!

Ok, ok...enough of the weight loss portion of this journey.....triathlon in 64 days!!! Lots of work to do!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Week 7, Day 28

Regular workouts will resume today, but I was too excited to wait and wanted to write an entry now!

Stef's wedding is in June and I'm so excited to be a bridesmaid for it. Since it's getting closer, I needed to order my dress and went last night to David's Bridal. I tried on dresses a few months ago to narrow down which one I wanted (Stef's letting us pick our own!) and had been trying on size 14......but I fit perfectly in a size 12 yesterday!!! Woohoo!!! If I lose even more weight before the wedding, alterations will be something I'll be very happy to pay for!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Week 6

Ok...just got back from Domincan Republic - life was rough for those few days...beach, sand, pool, sun, 80 degrees, swim-up bar......I'm talking ROUGH....

I did end up working out on 2/4 and 2/6 and twice during vacation on 2/12 and 2/13. I tried not to be a huge pig on vacation and there was a lot of walking and swimming so that helped to keep my butt moving some of the time. Now it's back to the swing of things. Before vacation, you can definitely call the path I was on - Fatty-bo-batty RELAPSE! I can blame it on being busy packing and getting ready to be gone for a week and the face we didn't have groceries or I didn't have time to work out....I could probably make a list of 100 things I told myself to justify why I was "behaving" before we left. So, back to training schedule and eating better. Being a fatty-bo-batty American in a one piece bathing on the beach with my thunder thighs and belly with gorgeous people all around - it helped motivate me a teensy bit. How many more months until summer?? Bring on the two pieces....I'll be ready!!

Week 7 will begin this week with workout #28.

67 days until trithatlon!!! EEEEEK!!!

Adam and I have already signed up. Jimmy is now signed up and friends, Tim and Meghan also signed up!!! So more like 3 guys, 2 girls and a triathlon!! Woot!