Monday, January 4, 2010

Week 1, Day 1 - The Beginning

I didn't realize it when I went to the gym today that I would be making a resolution to start a journey towards weight loss via training for a triathlon sprint.

Adam convinced me, and I sort of guilted myself into going to the gym today - sadly, I hadn't gone since before the wedding...over 5 months ago!! So the additional 10+ pounds since then nor the $30 per month seemed to motivate me to get in there...but with a little help from my hubby, I finally decided to go.

I regularly complain that I'm unhappy being overweight - I complain about not feeling good, I complain about my appearance, I complain about not being able to fit in clothes I may have fit into less than a year ago. Seems like enough motivation to me to work out and eat healthy, right? I know this...

I know HOW to lose weight and remain healthy, but because of my love affair with fast food, chocolate, binge eating, ice cream, eating, drinking and being lazy on the couch...I have not actually been successful at the actual losing of the weight and remaining healthy part of that equation.

So while walking around the Riverplex track with my hubby, we discussed the motivation that should be at the front of my complaints - myself. During this walk, I began to make excuses on why I haven't regularly worked out or eaten healthy and blah blah blah. I was convinced that I would join him and Jimmy in their training for a triathlon sprint with my goal being to race one with them this year. Adam gave me three rules he uses when he coaches (taken from John Wooden) - No excuses, No complaining, No pointing fingers. If I was going to train with him and Jimmy, I would have to be there to work hard and not be the girl whining that it's too hard or that she was tired. I accepted the challenge.

I'm not a writer and definitely never been a blogger, but I figured that this might be a way to keep myself motivated - the thought of someone reading about my progress or lack of...

Against the little voice in my head telling me not to, I've also decided to include my progress with weight and measurements with my progress of the workouts and diet. I figured if I met my goals to get healthy, these numbers should follow and I would then not be embarrassed, right? Since I'm trying not to be a believer of obsessing over the numbers everyday, I will only plan to weigh and measure myself every 4 weeks.
  • Weight - 181.2 lbs
  • Hips - 39.5"
  • Waist - 35"
  • Belly - 38.5"
  • Chest - 39"
  • Arm - 13.25"
  • Thigh - 27"

Let the work begin...

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