Sunday, January 10, 2010

Week 1, Day 6

So...after a night of drinking last night (celebrating Ariana & Patrick's soon to be wedding!), when the dog woke me up at around 7:00am, I figured the only thing I would be capable of doing today was going back to sleep. Adam had a flag football game at the gym and then was heading to The Fieldhouse (where my car still was) to bar tend. So logistically, if I didn't want to be confined to the house today, I had to go with him.

I ran a mile straight!!! I know this doesn't seem like a very interesting accomplishment for most people, but for someone that couldn't run two laps straight a week ago, I was very happy!! I made it almost a mind game with myself - "just one more lap, just a half a lap more....just one more" until I had run a mile! I continued to run/walk for another 2 miles and then walked to finish out about an hour and a half workout! Feels good (without hardly any signs of a hangover!).

One week and six workouts down.....

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