Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 3, Day 11

So if I had to give myself a grade for this weekend: D-

I didn't completely fail with an F because I didn't do EVERYTHING wrong. We had Subway for dinner Friday and lunch Saturday and with those meals alone, I would have given myself a B-. Saturday night and Sunday........ not as good. Buffet for dinner and of course every option looked good.....except of course the vegetables, so I passed on those. A million choices of wedding cake.....yes, please - had to have a piece. At least I had Diet Coke in my rum instead of the regular cola, right? HA!

Sunday breakfast in the hotel: C-. Lunch Sunday, drive-thru Wendy's: F for food, B- for effort. I should have followed what I said I would do - let Adam order for me. I got a grilled chicken club...meal with fries. Adam blurted out "Cheater!" and my own guilt got to me, so as I pulled away from the drivethru, I dumped about 75% of the fries out in the garbage. OK.....let's get back to a regular schedule and go get some groceries so I can get back on track!

I did workout today though - swam 1500 yards...and I'm tired. Tomorrow will be another transitional workout - bike then run.

Getting back on track TODAY will be the key! Not wait until next week or next month or a date that's an even number or a day of the week that starts with M.....NOW! I can't beat myself up for my D- that I gave myself - that does not do me any good and this is a principle I've failed to pay attention to in the past. My pattern seems to be that once I do poorly for a weekend or day or even one meal, I seem to think that I've blown it and have a hard time continuing with what possibly was wonderful progress for weeks before that. I refuse to let myself fail and struggle for a lifetime that could be filled with so much more instead of being unhappy with myself or the way that I eat. NOW! TODAY!

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  1. Yay I found your blog. I'll read about you sweating your hiney off while I sit here knitting and making my @ss bigger.