Friday, January 15, 2010

Week 2, Day 10

I did NOT like Adam very much last night. There was event going on at the gym so there was absolutely no way to actually get into I came home after work instead. Adam wants to run outside......OUTSIDE...It's January.....and although, some might call the weather a "heat wave" for Illinois in the middle of winter, a "heat wave" is 34 degrees instead of 10 degrees. we ran outside (our puppy joined us!) through the neighborhood. I stopped walking after about a quarter mile and Adam's response?: "Come on, you just ran a mile straight the other day, we haven't gone far at all!" that supposed to motivate me? And then I thought to myself: "Ummm, Steph? You did just run a mile straight the other day...stop being lazy," and then I ran ahead. As Adam said, once we started running, it felt great - not cold at all.

So now we are heading out of town to Ohio for the weekend for the wedding. I'm optimistically packing workout clothes, this will be a true test of determination if I actually USE said clothes. :) Have a great weekend!!!

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