Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Week 2, Day 8 - First Transition

Today was a short but tough day - the workout that is. It was our first transition/combined workout, where we went from biking to running. I first arrived late because I was held up at work and Jimmy and Adam were about done with the bike portion. After a 5 minute workout, I did 3x 3 minutes with high resistance - I did resistance 7....to give you an idea of how pathetic that is, if there was a significant hill on a course, I would have been rolling backwards. HA! I grabbed a 15 second drink and then went straight to the track - ran 3 laps straight and then I had to walk. My legs were tight and sore after only 20 minutes/4 miles on the bike. That's only about 30% of what I will actually bike during the event. Eeek! Just trying to tell myself it's only the 2nd week.

I came home to a home-cooked meal from Adam - still staying on track with the food. Have only eaten out once in the last week and a half - Saturday for Ariana and Patrick's shower. This weekend will be the next test with food. We will be traveling to Ohio for Chris and Lauren's wedding. That means about 4 meals on the road that I'll have to do my best to behave. :)

Tomorrow is going to be a tough workout - 1500 m swim. Can't wait!

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