Monday, February 1, 2010

Week 5, Day 21

THE NUMBERS ARE IN!!!! Not too shabby either!! Swam today and knowing I was going to weigh myself, I made sure to dry every drop of water out of my hair just to make sure I didn't have a single ounce more than I needed. I am happy with the numbers - weight isn't exactly dripping off me, but at least I know I'm doing it the right way!! Wohoo!!

  • Weight - 175.6 lbs *down 5.6 lbs!
  • Hips - 38.5" *down 1.0"
  • Waist - 33" *down 2.0"
  • Belly - 36.25" *down 2.25"
  • Chest - 37.5" *down 1.5"
  • Arm - 12.75" *down 0.5" each - so 1.0" total
  • Thigh - 26.5" *down 0.5" each - so 1.0" total

So a total of 5.6 pounds and a total of 8.75 inches in only 4 weeks! Celebrate!! Lots more to go, but I'm happy with my 4 week success. I need to learn how to reward myself that doesn't involve food either - because naturally I step on the scale, see the loss, and my first thought? McDonalds for dinner??! I need someone around in times like that to just knock some sense into me. Hehe.......I didn't get McDonalds :)

83 day till Triathlon!!

Only 8 more days until I'm wearing a bathing suit in Dominican Republic!! Wohoo!

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  1. Congrats! How about a new piece of jewelry to celebrate???