Monday, January 25, 2010

Week 4, Day 16

Instead of waiting another few months and being unhappy with my results, I've made a decision today - I will begin tracking what I eat and following Weight Watchers points system.....

I've never been a huge believer (or user) of 'positive thinking' or affirmations but I will give it a try - Adam is always trying to convince me of the positive effect it can have on attitude and achievements!

Also, I pretty much know what has NOT worked in the past with Weight Watchers so I want to make sure I address them this time around. Here are also some of my wonderful 'excuses' that have not helped me to be successful in the past:

1) If 1 serving is 4 points, that does NOT mean that 2 servings minus one bite is still only 4 points - seriously?? this is the kind of "reasoning" I use

2) If I eat out at a restaurant - I do NOT have to eat french fries with my meal - a meal can be just as complete with a salad or veggies!

3) If a food item does not have nutritional information on it, it does not mean there are no points

4) If no on actually sees you eat the food, it doesn't count - no one will know, hehe

5) If you eat the food standing up, the standing up part counts as exercise points so it cancels out whatever food you are eating - I usually use this one as a joke....unless......

OK, OK, so most of those I'm just kidding....sorta....HA!

I could go on for days at some of the ridiculous things that come up in my head - excuses that I make and I just hurt myself when I'm trying to meet my goals. Hopefully this time around I have the right 'formula' to make it work. Thanks for everyone that has been supporting me so far! - specifically Adam and Jimmy.....they help to keep me 'in line'.

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