Monday, February 22, 2010

Week 8, Day 31 I've made the plan to start improving my eating and make working out part of my weekly routine. It's going on two months since we started these changes and I'm still learning and figuring out what works and how to balance. I've discovered another change that is needed to ensure I'm successful...........cut out binge drinking. Not only does the extra 2000 calories from my friend, beer, hurt me, but the next day (and that night), I make horrible food choices and eat enough for a small army to help my hungover body recover. I can be crazy enough for sure and have tons of fun without getting drunk so I can try to sacrifice that next - baby steps.

Biked today - little less than 10 miles. Then headed to the track and was able to run 2 laps (little more than .25 miles) before shin splints about made me cry and unable to walk - no fun. Got home and since Adam and I would probably just keep driving on our snow covered driveway until the snow melted, I figured I would go ahead and shovel - and heck, burn some extra forearms are so tight, I can barely write or type....oh well.

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